The Full Moon

Earlier this week I moonfinally got to see a movie I have waited some time to see: Moon. This movie is within the genre of hard science fiction. Before seeing it, I found reviews that described it as a combination of 2001 and Solaris. I had also heard that it was a very good movie, but not a great movie.

I was pleased for most of the movie, but the ending, the ending was fantastic and it changed the entire film. Without the ending, and its surprisingly enlightening and honest twist (although one might see it coming), the movie would have been an admirable effort. However, with the ending as is, the director took the movie far deeper, indeed it may even plunge into the human psyche in ways that it could not have anywhere else in the movie, even with Sam Rockwell’s excellent performance. The ending gives a glimpse of the future and encourages the imagination. As an old English teacher of mine would once say, “it ends with momentum.” And for this reason, in my book, the movie is definitely worth watching. Go see it.

Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert Again

The end of the ending: One of the clones returns to Earth and alerts Congress to how the Lunar corporation is using people/clones like chattel with predetermined expiration dates. We hear about the clone’s witness as if we’re listening to a radio while the screen shows a large shot of the earth. Such a shot has been used before, but what follows next is the pay off: a radio personality or someone calling in exclaims that the clone is: something “or an illegal alien and either way he should be locked up!” This line, the last one of the movie, slapped me across the face and I’m still ruminating on it days later.


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