not so theological

Here and There and Nearly Nowhere

I’ve been busy as of late, sometimes with a more theological bent and other times not so much. I had hoped to have had news on some projects I’ve done, so right now I’m just waiting for them to get announced elsewhere before I mention them here. So please be patient for the announcements to come.

Also, I like — or attempt — more constructive work here, so I have partially avoided posts as of late ’cause I don’t like to rant much on the blog. The dearth is also because I lost my notes on a theology of marriage (which began with martyrdom… I liked it so and I’m annoyed I can’t find ’em). Doh.

Still, I have a very short comment on John “our newest Falwell” Piper and his latest drivel: John Piper’s God is the ultimate backseat driver. Or the worst vindictive micro-manager you can conceive of. Either way, its a pretty poor theology, never mind that he conflates sovereignty (of the Piperian kind) with divine glory because he doesn’t seem to understand either of them well. Yeah, you heard me. Indeed, some of his favorite words to use he doesn’t seem to understand at best.


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