Right. So I’ve been busy. This is one reason why:


Now I can put most of my books in one place. Wheee.

P.S. Nerd conundrum: How does one organize lots of books? Oh the ways are legion!


4 thoughts on “WaaahhhoooOOoooo

  1. Since I work at a library, people are always surprised to come to our place and see that my books barely have any sort of organization. I have general sections where certain things will tend to congregate, but no real system. The priority right now is to pack the books on the bottom shelves tight enough that our 16 month old can’t pull them out.

    Short of hiring an underling to reshelve in a systematic way, I don’t see the point in going to too much trouble organizing my books, when I’m constantly pulling them off and moving them around. If they’re your books, you get a sense of where things are, anyway, just intuitively.

    Heresy, I know. Sorry. But I like to think that I have the bibliographic cred to go out on a limb like that. ;)

  2. dave says:

    I don’t have an extreme amount just yet, but my sorting strategy has always been thematically and then alphabetization within the subjects. However, having interdisciplinary books and a general disregard to traditional subject matter tends to complicate things, so I only have two actual categories: philosophy/theology/sociology/history and literature/poetry.

    During school when I have a desk, it typically ends up in unorganized stacks around the desk and my chair and anything else close by that can hold books.

    After I graduate undergrad in the spring and find a place of my own, I expect this to be more of an issue. Also, since I’m not gainfully employed and not relying only on student loans to live, I suspect I will have less discretion about the books I buy, making a larger shelf necessary (currently I have a pretty tall, overfilled 5 shelf bookcase).

  3. 1) While your blog seems familiar, I don’t think it has been added to my google reader yet. This shall be remedied.

    2) As someone who is both a student of theology AND a tremendous library nerd (i.e. I worked for a “Theological Librarian” for about three years), I would say that the library of congress system is pretty near perfect for my purposes. Granted, you’ve got to take the time to learn the system. But, once you’ve got it down, you’re in organizational heaven (imho).

    Glad to have found your blog. You’ve inspired me to post more often.

    Grace & peace,

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