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Oh snap!

I’m not such a fan of Keith Olbermann. His justification for himself being a talking head against other talking heads lies in his assertion about the need for “a state of exception” in public ‘discourse’ (although discourse may be a bit of a stretch). Ew. Agamben said something about that notion in relation to the state…. Still, Olbermann can have some rather excellent lines, but the major point of the video below is instead to notice that Glenn Beck literally associates “swords to ploughshares” — you know, one of the biblical phrases for peace (see Joel, Isaiah, and Micah) — with progressivism, facism, and communism (which are all conflicting ideologies by the way).

Personally, I think Beck finally did it. Much like Novak against Caritas in veritate, Glenn Beck took a step too far. Next time I see someone who has imbibed in Beck’s ‘cool-aid’, it’ll be time to whip out the old authoritative text. The juxtaposition will should be enlightening.

H/T: David


3 thoughts on “Oh snap!

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  2. dave says:

    Yeah, Olbermann is kind of an asshat, but he can be a pretty funny asshat at times.

    It’s a shame that Beck’s derision and bastardization of a clear biblical theme probably won’t cause the millions of self-professed Christians who watch his song and dance everyday to reconsider.

    I hope Jon Stewart starts regularly ripping into Beck. I can’t say for certain, but I don’t believe that this kind of reactionary fearmongering is atypical of his show. Every time I get curious and flip to his program he is promoting some kind of ridiculous stuff like this.

    It’s sad to say, but at least somebody like Bill O’Reilly makes really poorly thought out arguments instead of no arguments at all. Glenn Beck is the TV version of all those ridiculous unthinking chain emails.

  3. Jerms says:

    I like the O. After all, I’ll take a jackass on my side as opposed to a jackass on the other side. (Then again, I’ll admit that you can’t ultimately use the ring of power against the creator of the ring of power.)

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