Remembering the “Terrorist” Attack

FORGIVE. He did.



9 thoughts on “Remembering the “Terrorist” Attack

  1. Jerms says:

    You know you’re just a liberal hippie. What if everyone simply ignored attacks like that. Nations would fall, economies would collapse, our whole society would fall apart! What would we be left with?

    (Can you feel the irony?)

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  3. John says:

    In Truth and Reality the cultural consequences of that dreadful image are described by these references—the war against the body again. And the very possibility of incarnate happiness.****



    If you happened to be wandering through the woods and you came across a broken, tortured and thus bloodied body nailed to a tree or a cross, you would be totally horrified. And you would thus recoil whole bodily and altogether.

    Except in this case your intrinsic feeling-sensitivity to the unspeakable suffering of this world altogether has been totally numbed by your ding-bat ideology/theology (which worships this atrocity as “good news”).

    So why arent you thus not horrified at the dreadful image that you worship?

    **** 2 essays on Incarnate Happiness



    • You seem to have woefully misunderstood the ‘good news’ if you think it is the death in and of itself that is salvific. Death is not liberation, new life is. In the resurrection, the strength of death was conquered. This is good news. We do not worship death.

      As for the image of the cross, I also suggest some reading in aesthetics on the categories of glory and sublime to more properly understand.

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