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An Introduction to Neo-Liberal Economic Theory

If I were teaching a class on contemporary theology, particularly one that touched on economics and our current crisis, I would most certainly use this very well done introduction:


13 thoughts on “An Introduction to Neo-Liberal Economic Theory

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  2. Katie Grimes says:

    i also enjoyed this presentation. however, do you think he adequately addresses the role that race plays both as an organizing principle in neo-liberalism as well as in american society? my main critique would be that he seems to uncritically accept the givenness of race, as though it is something that exists rather than something that is created much in the same way that class is created. He seems to assume that race and racism are two separate entities not considering (much as it is with class and classism) the many ways that race is a creation of racism.

    • You’re right Katie, he does seem to assume racial categories as natural (although not a racial hierarchy outright — although one could argue successfully that the racial categories are still inherently hierarchical).

  3. Brilliant. Loved it. I wasn’t sure exactly how the bubble was going to burst, but I knew it was coming. I woke my wife laughing.

    I just wish he’d worked in the saying about the rising tide lifting all boats.

  4. Grzmlyk says:

    Wow. Could anything be more bigoted, tendentious, intellectually dishonest and prejudiced?

    This clown dresses in a lab coat and that makes him credible? He doesn’t have one clue what he’s talking about; he’s just rehearsing liberalism’s greatest hits. He’s spouting paleo-bullshit.

    Let’s cut to the chase: What he’s really saying is it’s time for fatuous gay men of a certain age to get the money and status that society owes them.

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