Two AAR Sessions to be at

In case you’re unaware of Halden’s and Ben’s notices, there will be two excellent sessions on apocalypticism:

A Saturday session (6:30 pm-9:00 pm, FQE-Hochelaga 5) titled “Whither Apocalyptic? Critical Reflections in the Wake of Nathan R. Kerr’s Christ, History and Apocalyptic: The Politics of Christian Mission”; it features Douglas Harink, Travis Kroeker and Cyril O’Regan, with a response by Nate.

And a Sunday session (6:30 pm-9:00 pm, FQE-Hochelaga 5) on “The Apocalyptic Gospel: Theological Responses to the Work of J. Louis Martyn”. This is chaired by Douglas Harink, with papers by David Belcher, Walter Lowe, Ben Myers, and Philip G. Ziegler.

I for one eagerly look forward to both.


9 thoughts on “Two AAR Sessions to be at

  1. sacredsearching says:

    What? No “Death of God” with Zizek, Altizer, et. al.? I need someone to go to that one and take notes or videotape it for me.

    • I wasn’t aware thats scheduled. Sadly, last year Zizek bowed out late in the game ’cause the AAR was being stupendously stupid. If it isn’t canceled when I’m there, I’ll try to look it up. Though I must say, death of God stuff doesn’t interest me a great deal, still, I’m curious.

  2. sacredsearching says:

    Yeah, last year’s panel was infuriating (particularly because Zizek and Badiou backed out, but they still put it in a tiny room that about 200 people showed up to).

    As far as I’ve seen, its still on, with Zizek and Altizer headlining and supposedly 30-some-odd scholars connected to the death of God movement coming for an open discussion. What is more interesting than the death of God thing, in my mind, is that Zizek and Altizer are two of the most incredibly Hegelian quasi-theologians of the last, oh, century or so. I’d be curious to see where the conversation goes on that front, particularly if other infamous people show up. (Taylor? Would Milbank audaciously pop up to blast them all back into the 16th century?)

  3. Ben says:

    Why is it that we are not allowed to think again about the middle ages and yet we are definitely allowed to think again about the patristics, or Paul, or, with some Heideggerians or Deleuzeans, the pre-Socratics?

    • Ben, feel free to think and talk about the middle ages, for I am on no classically liberal, policing project. However, poking fun at your man crush can be a lot of fun sometimes. Perhaps too much. Particularly ’cause I know you’ll do this…

  4. Ben says:

    Son-of-Metz, it’s all fun and games now, but let’s see how fun it is on the day of judgment when Thomas returns to reap his harvest and burn off the chaff.

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