On a jet plane…

AAR was again good this year. Conversations were had, people met, and pub time well spent.

The sessions on apocalyptic were good, and there certainly was promise in them for forming an apocalyptic group. I sure hope so, I’ve got a paper in mind to submit for next year. However, I am aghast at how many cuss words Ben worked into his paper. Halden swore up and down they were already in the text and he wasn’t adding the language that no one could ever take back. The Aussie, who knew?

The interview of James Cone by Cornel West was like I was back in class at Union. They seemed to have recorded it, but does anyone know if AAR has ever published such recordings?

I didn’t end up in one session I disliked, although the death of God one went on for a long time. I’m sure people can guess why — the format was a good idea, but really, you expect to do that complex of a format when Zizek has the mic? Still it was rather informative and I appreciated it.

Next year, Atlanta.


7 thoughts on “On a jet plane…

  1. I’m glad we got the chance to meet and chat for a while. Thanks for talking to my friend for a while; I do think that he’d be a good addition to your Dept. up there on the frozen tundra…

    Now I suppose it’s back to work for us sinners.

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