This Goes Out to You Kim Fabricius


13 thoughts on “This Goes Out to You Kim Fabricius

  1. kim fabricius says:

    That made my wet, windy off-season Saturday here in Swansea. Great photo of “the meek” (among whom, of course, one wouldn’t find a single Yankee fan). Thanks, D.W.!

  2. Nate Kerr says:

    Perhaps Halden Doerge can tell you the story of my efforts to street-evangelize Yankee fans in Montreal. I’m a little uncomfortable recounting it myself. But suffice it to say, and to paraphrase Karl Barth, while there is no justification for the the existence of the Yankees themselves, there may be justification for Yankees fans — and this because one might very well always find among the Yankees players one who exists in the midst of them as truly meek and humble.

  3. Nate Kerr says:

    And it is good to know that there is now some public confirmation of what we Braves fans always knew amongst ourselves: that we are true descendents of Bethlehem. Could it be that the true apostolic line lies therein?

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