obama, R. Niebuhr

About the Obama Speech…

… anyone else get nervous when Niebuhrians (you know, Christian realists) talk about morality? This isn’t to say that morality should be ignored by Niebuhrians (in fact they must reckon with it), but just war and morality weren’t exactly fast friends with Niebuhr — he was too pragmatic for that idealism. When Niebuhrians invoke just war and morality, I can’t but wonder how much of that is rhetoric, if not a way of baptizing the realism. The question that drives this is: Where is morality in Niebuhr?


One thought on “About the Obama Speech…

  1. I see what you mean. When I read Niebuhr I’m not sure what he means by faith and sin either. Reading Hauerwas’s book “With the Grain of the Universe” really convinced me that Niebuhr, along with William James, reinvented theological words to sound Christiany but in reference to the scientific. Their influence is now so strong that we know their ideas without any reference point.

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