The Christ Mass is a Time to Freak Out

If you are aware about the merchandising phenomenon around Keep Calm and Carry On, then I’ll be brief. In 1939, this poster was developed with the war in mind. Today it has gone somewhat viral, sometimes for irony’s sake (hipsters) and at other times for genuine fear amongst the more obvious corporate types.

Now, this is all back story. Back story for this, one of my favorite shirts that is profoundly incarnational — and therefore in my estimation, very Christmas-y:

So yes. I wore it for Christmas day. When the Angels declare the King of kings has come as an infant, things are upside down. In fact, time is recognized, to quote Hamlet, as “out of joint.” With the incarnation, there is an ultimate measuring stick, that measures all else. To this end, Herod, among others, would indeed panic and freak out — they are not the untouchable, children of gods, or destined be deified. The birth of Jesus is a time of change, of affirmation and denunciation. To this end, it would be right for many to freak out. Little baby Jesus came for you.


One thought on “The Christ Mass is a Time to Freak Out

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