Dorothy Day

Dorothy Day Interviews

4854derrida, known also as Dean Taylor, has put up two interviews of Dorothy Day on youtube. Who said anything about ‘radicalism’ and ‘leftism’ is for the young?

Dorothy Day on Christopher Closeup, Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Dorothy Day interviewed by Hubert Jessup, Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


4 thoughts on “Dorothy Day Interviews

  1. 4854derrida says:

    Thank you for disseminating the DD interviews–the point, of course, is to have as many people as possible view them.

    However, the contract I was required to sign with WCVB-TV Boston stipulated that their name be mentioned, i.e., THEY own the copyright to the Jessup interview. As a condition of upload consent they insisted upon attribution-–a “thank you” and a link to their website.

    The same with the permission I received from Christopher Closeup-–attribution and a link to their website as a condition of upload consent.

    Please post both conspicuously–-before consent is rescinded, and then no one will be able to see and hear the interviews.

    Thank you

    Dean Taylor

    Thanks to Christopher Closeup for upload consent:

    Thanks to Hubert Jessup, and to WCVB-TV, Boston, for upload consent:

  2. 4854derrida says:

    To my new friends at flying.farther–and I do sincerely beg pardon, D.W., for the tedium of yet another e-mail (mea culpa):

    “I, Dean Taylor, cannot give upload consent to flying.farther for the Dorothy Day interviews for the simple fact that it is not mine to give. Upload consent may be requested of WCVB-TV, Boston by writing to them here:

    Similarly, upload consent for the other video may be requested by contacting Christopher Closeup here:

    This is done solely in concert with my responsibility to the copyright owners.”

    Having re-read the contracts I’ve signed, this pro forma gesture is required of me as per my agreement with the copyright holders.

    And, D.W., please believe me, I would do the same for you–i.e., to protect flying.farther–if I had the made the arrangement with f.f.


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