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I’ve been in a bit of a malaise recently — no not the kind that Reagan got elected on — just tired really. The last semester went longer than normal, which didn’t help. I’m learning again for the umpteenth time, REST!

So, here are some links to help you kick back:

For you Kim Fabricius, among many other fellow friends who love their whiskey: Shackleton’s whisky recovered from South Pole ice.

For anyone wanting to read Barth: The new publication of Church Dogmatics for only $300 — a better deal than the prepublication offer!.

For those disturbed about the recent Court ruling: Supreme Court Allows Corporations To Run For Political Office. Does anyone have ideas for which position a corporation would campaign or be appointed? For instance, I am trying to decide between mainstream textbook publishers or a university proper (Harvard? No one is more arrogant… or rich) for the Secretary of Education. Eric came up with a few good ones that he should re-post here.

Proof that an anti-tax ideology (save for a massive military budget of course) is far from self-sustaining: Colorado Springs cuts into services considered basic by many. Also, take note of what Colorado Springs is: mecca of conservative ‘theology.’ Might this tangibly reveal that what we hear from Dobson and the like is horribly reductionist?

A really cool looking film: Film Review: Son of Man. It’ll be out in the US in a few months.

Oh, and fyi: How to Fall 35,000 Feet—And Survive. Simple answer? Get lucky. Really lucky.

And lastly — in light of the Superbowl this Sunday — the best football bet, and perhaps rivalry ever: Paintings hang on Super Bowl wager: “Two art galleries have staked the loan of a painting on the outcome of the US Super Bowl between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts.”


2 thoughts on “Links!

  1. I think that we should start a campaign to vote a few major corporations into office—simply in order to raise the stakes on our already significant political surrealism! Here are some suggestions (at David’s request):

    GM or Ford for governor of Michigan (just make it a company state!)
    Coca Cola for mayor of Atlanta
    Microsoft for Washington Senator
    Coors for Senator in Colorado (wait, we tried that…)

    It gets better when you include appointed positions:
    Blackwater for Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense
    Monsanto for Dept of Agriculture
    Boeing for head of FAA
    Pfizer for Surgeon General
    Walmart for Social Security Administration
    Bear Stearns for head of IRS

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