Much more on the Son of Man (film)

Michael over at Catholic Anarchy has been the source for my awareness of the film Son of Man. It is coming out for dvd release soon here in the US. Yay!

However, for the curious like myself, there is more information about the movie — it is really compelling and now I want to see the movie all the more — from theoretically apraxic (spoiler alert):

– the Massacre of the Innocents is depicted as insurgent soldiers take the butts of their guns and bludgeon children to death (though this time Jesus refuses to flee)

– Jesus goes into the mines to call the disciples

– Judas is a former child soldier

– Jesus saves a prostitute who has been doused in gasoline.

– During the last supper, Jesus and the disciples share a communal pot, but say nothing to one another. As the pot passes from one disciple to another, the scene is cut with still frames of murdered children.

– The Garden of Gethsemane becomes a little area off the side of the road.

Thomas has much more, including his own thoughts. So go read the rest of the post.

Make sure you check out the trailer:


6 thoughts on “Much more on the Son of Man (film)

  1. Then we can go to Black Bear Burritos in Morgantown!

    Thanks to the both of you for highlighting this. I’m going to talk to my chaplain and see if I can get this shown on campus as one of my final acts as a student here (that sounds terribly narcissistic). I am fairly confident that my chaplain will be down for it, but I’m not sure a lot of the student body, especially the ‘christian bubble’ are ready for it.

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  3. David – Would it be too liberation-y for EP? ;) Looks like I may not make it to EP this summer, unfortunately. I’ll be in Chicago less than a month before that for a wedding. Not sure if I can make 2 trips.

    Dave – I love Black Bear!

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