Karl Barth

Church Dogmatics for $100

For those of you who don’t know — I’m sure you know who you are, ’cause you haven’t heard: Barth’s Church Dogmatics is legitimately available for $100 in hardback.

Buwah?! Yeah. No joke. You know about Hendrickson Publishers, the one who does the 38 volume Church Fathers series for $400? Well now they’re doing the Church Dogmatics, but how good is the translation? Well, if you own the skittles version (you know, the bizarrely multi-colored paperback edition) like I do, then you will be kicking yourself, ’cause this new release is exactly the same:

Is this set the same as the original published by T&T Clark and edited by T. F. Torrance and G.W. Bromiley?

Yes. This set is the same edition. It was available for years in hardback, and also more recently in paperback.

Is there an image of the new cover for the Hendrickson edition available?

No. We expect some type of image from Hendrickson this Spring.

Does this set include the English translations of Greek, Latin, and other languages found in T&T Clark’s new 31 Vol. study ed.?

No. This new volume from Hendrickson reflects only the text as it was originally published by T&T Clark.

Will the Hendrickson edition include the Prefaces from the original 14 Vol., edition?

Yes. Every single page from the original 14 Vol T&T Clark edition will be included in the “new” Hendrickson edition.

Keep in mind, this ‘new’ publication won’t be out until nearly next Christmas. See the christianbook.com blog for more.


4 thoughts on “Church Dogmatics for $100

  1. I pride myself on avoiding impulse purchases. I caved on this one. Had my pre-order in about 5 minutes after I saw your post on facebook just in case someone figured out that this was an awful mistake and that they’d forgotten to add an extra zero on the back end of the price.

    Looking forward to November. Now my question is whether to turn around an sell the volumes I’ve already got (in order to have a fully matching set), or sell the new ones once they arrive. Probably only be able to sell them for $3 a piece, though!

  2. adamsteward says:

    Yeah man, this is an incredible deal. I’m just crossing my fingers that it’s not printed with that ultra-thin bible paper Hendrickson often uses.

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