It doesn’t get much more true than this

Behold. Laugh. Cry. And in that order.

Reading and Time: A dialectic between academic expectation and academic frustration


5 thoughts on “It doesn’t get much more true than this

  1. kim fabricius says:

    My God (Mein Gott, Mon Dieu)! Don’t cry. Just have a Laphraoig and laugh some more. Then tomorrow go to the ballpark, not the library. ;)

    • Unfortunately I’m in Milwaukee. I can support any team named the Brewers, but this town seems to destine its major teams — the Brewers and Marquette Basketball — for implosions. Then again, I suppose a Mets fan would know a thing or two about that?

  2. JGordon says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I came across your blog searching for Marquette students in the religion PhD program. Marquette is on my list of potential (hopeful, is perhaps more apt) destinations for doctoral work in theology and I have a few questions about the ethos of the graduate department in Religion. Do you have a moment to enlighten someone who is a few steps behind you in a similar educational journey?

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