Links, Links, Links!

1. What Glenn Beck actually got correct about the dead sea scrolls: “What I’m going to do is defend Glenn Beck here on what he got right. I will repost the words and strike what is incorrect. The remainder (what is either correct or at least possibly correct) will be in blue.”

2. J. Kameron Carter has his own thoughts on Avatar.

3. Union busting may be a mortal sin.

4. An upcoming alternative to Facebook: Diaspora.

5. In a world of suspicion, everyone loses out. Can we truly give and receive when we fear death?:

A cardboard box left at a church near Lake Mary caused the closure of Markham Woods Road while a bomb squad X-rayed it and then blew it up.

The note on the 40-pound bundle said, simply, “For Pastor Nick.” In the old days, someone would have taken it inside and opened it.

But a church member who found the package on the doorstep about 11 a.m. today thought the corrugated box secured with duct tape might be dangerous.

… The result: More than $2,500 in paper money was turned into confetti. Four hundred ninety-eight rolled silver dollars remained intact, Cannaday said. The church won’t be out any money, though, because the U.S. Treasury will replaced damaged paper money, she said.

6. If you weren’t aware, the Vatican has changed its language on the pedophile scandal:

Pope Benedict XVI says the clerical child abuse scandal shows that the greatest threat to Catholicism comes from “sin within” the Church.

… Benedict said the Church has “a very deep need” to acknowledge that it must do penance for its sins and “accept purification”.

However, he added that forgiveness should not be a substitute for justice.

7. Lastly, there is a push to get Žižek on SNL, much like there was one for Betty White.


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