Jeebus is not my word. I wish it was. Apparently it has various origins: Homer Simpson and Duke Ellington. However, it also has a definition that goes beyond simply altering the name of Jesus in the great tradition of frick and frack for… well, you know: “Put alternatively, a person who follows the New Testament loves Jesus; a person who can’t wait to take away sick benefits from a dying lesbian because God Hates Fags loves Jeebus.” I swear I applied that very definition, not in the same exact words mind you, to the term Jeebus before I saw urban dictionary. I was under the impression that such a definition wasn’t common knowledge — I generally have to define the use of Jeebus, still.

Now, why am I explaining all this background? Two things. I have two perfect definitions of Jeebus. The first I have literally had on my mind for over a year, and the other I saw yesterday.

1. From the Flobots (who by the way, are awesome) in “Stand Up”: “Underfunded but we still don’t understand/Under God but we kill like the son of Sam/But if you feel like I feel like about the son of man/We will overcome.”

2. And a picture I got from Michael:

Do you have any definitions of Jeebus?


4 thoughts on “Jeebus!

    • I forgot about that one! Have you been to the homepage of the painter? You can mouse over the people and get explanatory text. It is even worse than you may imagine — I think it has all the typical stereotypes put forward by stereotypical conservatives.

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