John Milbank, Kathryn Tanner, link, Louis-Marie Chauvet

Christ and Capital

Geoff Holsclaw — friend in the program here at Marquette — has a paper up at The Other Journal: Christ and Capital: Money Changers and the Lord’s Temple. Go give it a read if you’re into economics, theology, the Gift, and sacraments. If you’re curious about his bibliography: he draws on Phillip Goodchild’s recent and excellent book Theology of Money; a favorite of mine, Louis-Marie Chauvet’s Symbol and Sacrament; Kojin Karatani’s Transcritique: On Kant and Marx; Kathryn Tanner’s Economy of Grace; John Milbank’s essay “Can a Gift be Given? Prolegomena to a Future Trinitarian Metaphysics” and more.


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