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Hauerwas has another Festschrift and More

Tonight at EP, with Hauerwas present, we celebrated his 70th birthday. Part of the celebration was the unveiling of his festschrift. Yes, he has another festschrift (his third, I think), and a very interesting one at that. It is titled Unsettling Arguments: A Festschrift on the Occasion of Stanley Hauerwas’s 70th Birthday and published by Wipf and Stock of course. The contributors are made up of his students, but it isn’t simply taking Hauerwas at face value or simply reiterating Hauerwas’s project. Indeed, if someone did so, I think Hauerwas would be rather disappointed.

Some of the chapter titles that stuck out to me were:

“Capitalism and Fetishizing the Particular: Is Hauerwas a Nominalist?” by D. Stephen Long
“Being ‘Stuck’ between Stanley and the Feminists (the Proverbial Rock and a Hard Place)” by Janna Marguerite Bennett
“Time for Hauerwas’s Racism” by Jonathan Tran

I look forward to reading it.

Also of note, mentioned during the celebration, is The Mennonite Quarterly Review issue for July 2010 — which features not only the Menno Mafia on Hauerwas, but also a comprehensive bibliography of Hauerwas’s writings to date. With my dissertation plans to include some focus on Hauerwas, this is a freaking gold mine. Tracking down all his works must’ve been laborious to say the least.


8 thoughts on “Hauerwas has another Festschrift and More

  1. Isn’t this his second Festschrift? See the earlier God, Truth, and Witness: Engaging Stanley Hauerwas, which has some excellent essays (I especially commend David Burrell’s).

    • Duly noted. I forgot about that book (and forgot I own it!) — and I guess I never realized that it was a festschrift. This newer book wears the notion of festschrift on it’s cover quite loudly.

  2. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Perhaps this should count as his 3rd FS: Faithfulness and Fortitude is in celebration of SH’s 60th birthday. I’m eager to see the full list of contributors for this most recent FS. I assume that it was kept as a surprise at some level so W&S hasn’t listed it nor has Amazon.

    • Yeah, they even kept it as a surprise from Hauerwas!

      As for the Chapters, they are as follows:
      1. “Wittgenstein among the Theologians: by Peter Dula
      2. “Thomas Aquinas: The Unity of the Virtues and the Journeying Self” by Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt
      3. “Capitalism and Fetishizing the Particular: Is Hauerwas a Nominalist?” by D. Stephen Long
      4. “Friendship, Alienation, Love: Stanley Hauerwas and John Howard Yoder” by J. Alexander Sider
      5. “A Politics of Vulnerability: Hauerwas and Democracy” by William T. Cavanaugh
      6. “The Way of God with the World: Hauerwas on War” by Daniel M. Bell Jr.
      7. “The Church as Polis? Second Thoughts on Theological Politics” by Michael Baxter
      8. “Hauerwas and the Redemption of Bioethics” by M. Therese Lysaught
      9. “‘Yes!’ to Natural Theology and Justice: Stanley Hauerwas, Martin Luther King Jr., and Charles Hartshorne” by Theodre Walker Jr.
      10. “Haunted by the Jews: Hauerwas, Milbank, and the Decentered Diaspora Church” by Scott Bader-Saye
      11. “Carrying on the Family” by David Matzko McCarthy
      12. “Being ‘Stuck’ between Stanley and the Feminists (the Proverbial Rock and a Hard Place)” by Jana Marguerite Bennett
      13. “Time for Hauerwas’s Racism” by Jonathan Tran
      14. “Friendship” by Paul J. Wadell
      15. “The Work of Reading Hauerwas, MacIntyre, and the Question of Liberalism” by Chris K. Huebner
      16. “Worshiping in Spirit and Truth” by Kelly S. Johnson
      17. “Discipleship as Craft: Crafting the Christian Body” by Joel James Shuman
      18. “Practicing Truth and Honor as Verger of the Church-Related University: Assessing Hauerwas’s Contributions to Moral Formation in Higher Education” by Michael G. Cartwright

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