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Violence and Christian Writ

Cynthia over at Per Caritatem has put out a call for guest posts on Violence and Christian Holy Writ that she wants “to serve as a resource of sorts for Christians interested in this subject area and who also find it a challenge to their faith.” The post topics are specifically:

Specific Topics

— How should a Christian community interpret the divinely commanded mass killings (genocide) commanded of the Old Testament (e.g. Joshua 6, 10, etc.)? Should we read these allegorically, literally, or what?

— How should a Christian community interpret passages in the Old Testament (e.g. Exodus and Leviticus) that at least appear to permit slavery?

— How does a Christian community make sense out of seemingly opposed views on slavery (e.g. Philemon, and I Cor 7:23 verses 1 Peter) in the New Testament?

— Does a Christian community’s theology of atonement make a difference as to how it interprets the violent acts recorded in Scripture? If so, how?

Go check it out. I for one look forward to a potential fresh engagement with texts of terror.


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