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The Aim of Political Theology

The aim of political theology is not knowledge of capitalism, but rather knowledge of its determined position and status within capitalist social relations. A liberative theology cannot do the work of other disciplines. Instead, the truth of theology lies elsewhere: in the truthfulness of its knowledge of God

Peter Scott, Theology, Ideology and Liberation, 175.


2 thoughts on “The Aim of Political Theology

  1. John says:

    In Truth we are all essentially sleep-walkers and thus barely conscious of the vast unconscious collective forces that shape and cause our tumultuous politics, or even our individual lives.

    Put in another way we are like tiny stick figures on the tip of a gigantic iceberg describing what we presume to see, and trying to understand why. Meanwhile the over-whelming bulk of the iceberg is below our field of vision.

    Bill Shakespeare also had it right: Political theology is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury and signifying nothing.

    The worst political “theologies” are essentially justifications for the murderously reasonable intentions and actions of the various thugs, or collections of thugs who “rule” the world in any given time and place.

    Plus most of what is called politics is essentially a dramatization to the world stage, and the bodies of the inevitable scapegoat victims, of the invisible uninspected childhood Oedipal emotional-sexual patterning.

    This reference provides very sobering analysis of the consequences of such deadly Oedipal dramatizations.

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