Cornel West

Cornel West on Craig Ferguson

In case you missed it, Cornel West was on Craig Ferguson about a week back. Below is the interview:


3 thoughts on “Cornel West on Craig Ferguson

  1. Rod of Alexandria says:

    I wonder what Cornel West would have to say about David Hume’s more racist and colonizing pieces in his work. Forget the atheist, I would challenge Hume on his view of white, European supremacy.

    • West would no doubt condem the pieces if he hasn’t already done so; however, more importantly, I would be surprised if West didn’t know about Hume’s other works. This speaks to West’s ability to appreciate the important questions and the arguments associated with ’em. I’ve found him to be a generous reader.

  2. Rod of Alexandria says:

    Actually, I just went back and checked. Cornel West deals with Hume’s racism in his geneology of racism in Prophesy Deliverance. West is quite generous.

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