humor, memory

Waiting, Not Waiting, Remembrance, and Zombies: A Very Short Christmas Meditation

There is a bit of talk going on about the virtues of waiting and not waiting. Both have their merits. And I suspect that they have different targets in mind, rather than being in simple opposition. Still, I wonder if the singular focus on whether to wait or not to wait produces a blindness. We’re missing the importance of remembrance about the radicality of the incarnation — which affirms and rejects. And for this particular conversation, remembrance would include both waiting and not waiting; remembrance shows us how to wait, but also reveals that in so many respects, the wait has also been over for a long time because the apocalyptic work of God came to live with us. Carter has recently noted the tension as well through Bonhoeffer.

Also, I wonder if we should rename this current capitalist holiday of gluttonous consumption of commodified goods. I propose zombie holiday. After all, despite the discussion about waiting or not waiting as the correct political alternative to the status quo, we can agree that “Christmas” in America is not the same thing as the Christ-mass. And zombie flicks have a great tradition of revealing and critiquing mindless consumption, which in this time of the year, revels in a a racist parody of Christian tradition — an Odin like Santa Claus (who image was originally a caricature of the Dutch) with white elves, rather than the pastor Saint Nicholas and his helper Black Peter (who Nick had liberated from slavery):


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