I’m going to go with Sacrilegious.

Look what they did in a sanctuary. Maybe even on Sunday morning during an actual service. I’m going to go with sacrilegious. No, not because it was politics, but idolatrous nationalism.


3 thoughts on “I’m going to go with Sacrilegious.

  1. Michael Westmoreland-White says:

    The picture reguses to show up in my browser. (I often have this problem.) Can you describe this please?

  2. Jerms says:

    Two comments from the actual YouTube page. The first is merely a good point:

    “I assume this is at a Church? Well, I think that kind of ‘performance’, if done during a service, could render their TAX EXEMPTION void. Anyone case to do research?”

    But this one’s my favorite:

    “‘Part of the reason stupid people are drawn to conservatism is that the intelligent conservatives have always been willing to indulge and support ignornace in order to conserve their own wealth and power. Palin is the culmination of the progress of the stupid conservative from beast of burden to Red Nosed Reindeer’ – Erich Shulte, ruthlessreviews, October 2008”

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