Time for Walker to Take a Hike

As someone going to school in Wisconsin, the work of Gov. Walker is troublesome at best. It is helpful that the Superbowl Champions Green Bay Packers and Archbishop Listecki have come out against Walker’s move to break the unions. Neither should be a surprise — the Packers are the only publicly owned sports team and Catholic social teaching has always been for the existence and collective bargaining rights of unions.

Perhaps most frustrating is that Walker actually created the deficit on his own. But the narrative getting pushed is that everyone needs to tighten their belts, and give up the well-established tradition of collective bargaining. Frankly, it’s crap. In fact, it is dangerously close to outright lying. The reason for the deficit wasn’t a complex financial issue, and neither is the answer, like Walker presumes it should be. Walker should be forced to retract his work, but if one must be pragmatic: take note that if every adult were to pay $32, the deficit would be solved. See here:


2 thoughts on “Time for Walker to Take a Hike

    • Walker certainly isn’t alone, but I’m not sure the conspiracy — I suppose it is technically speaking — is all that secret or vast. The influence of the Koch brothers behind the Tea Party and other political operations is fairly easy to see. The funny thing about politics today is that the secrets are rather rare — policies and political moves are done out in the open — and those who have the power are few because they’ve generally the same people who have the money (both Democrat and Republican). American politics has long been about “persuading” (duping) the masses through populist “arguments” (narratives with nice sounding words). The “secrets” must come to light because they’re what form the backbone of political positions and the glue that keeps people following.

      Also, just to get this off my chest, I hear quite a bit that Walker’s move against the unions is to kill part of the Democratic base. Frankly I find that to be a narrow view. Do I want a one party system? Of course not, hell the two party system is broken too, but trying to drum up support for the Dems here is not classy. Whether or not Walker is trying to help take down the Dems is beside the issue for me. Collective bargaining is essential for workers. Period.

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