A Short Book List on Theology and Economics

I’ve gotten into quite a few discussions in recent months on the economy. All too often I’m responding — or reacting — to some rather disparaging and/or uninformed dismissals of a robust theological economics. I’m sure some others here have as well. I find the tone quickly changes when I start dropping book names and interpretations. People get a bit less “I can spout whatever I want as if I’m a self-proclaimed authority.” After the attitude changes, the conversation generally takes a positive turn. Or it dies — but I can live with that. I’m not sure it would’ve been an interesting or helpful one anyways.

Here is a list of some of the books that have had a special place on my bookshelves for sometime now and I find myself returning to in the discussions:

1. A number of the short essays in Herbert McCabe’s God, Christ and Us.

2. Philip Goodchild’s Theology of Money.

3. Steve Long’s Divine Economy: Theology and the Market.

4. Kathryn Tanner’s Economy of Grace.

5. Rebecca Todd Peters’s In Search of the Good Life: The Ethics of Globalization.

6. Douglas Meeks’s God the Economist: The Doctrine of God and Political Economy.

7. Douglas Knight’s The Eschatological Economy: Time and the Hospitality of God.

You got any you love and often find helpful?


5 thoughts on “A Short Book List on Theology and Economics

  1. Thank you D.W. for this list. I have been reading up on theology and economics recently. I would like to recommend, NO RISING TIDE by Joerg Rieger. (Personally), Rieger’s arguments are very tight, and does not let liberals and conservatives get away with anything.

    Also from that work, I may start looking into Brazilian theologian Jung Mo Sung.

  2. Rieger’s book, for sure. Also Duchrow and Hinkelammert’s Property for People, Not for Profit and Jung Mo Sung’s Desire, Market and Religion.

    Picked up two others recently that I ave not gotten to yet, but look promising: Free People: A Christian Response to Global Economics by Tricia Gates Brown and In Justice: Women and Global Economics by Ann-Cathrin Jarl.

  3. Tweeter says:

    Two new books from Jung Mo Sung are worth reading: Beyond the Spirit of Empire (2010 – With J. Rieger and N. Miguez) and, especially, The Subject, Capitalism, and Religion: Horizons of Hope in Complex Societies (coming out from Palgrave, fall 2011).

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